Top 10 Resources you Need to Know as an Entrepreneur

As a beginner entrepreneur, you need all the information and resources you have at your disposal. This would ensure that your company grows well and also prepare you for the hurdles you might encounter along the way.

There are plenty of resources that you can find online to support your business. They range from books to websites and much more. Finding them might be easy, but picking the right one might be more of a challenge than expected. Let us look at the ten best ones you should look out for.

  1. StartUp: this is a podcast created by Alex Blumberg. Alex was a former NPR employee before becoming an entrepreneur. In the first season, he elaborates on the trials and successes of his startup venture. You would witness his experience in all the episodes and get some useful tips to guide you on your venture.
  2. This is a platform where a host of topics related to business is discussed. From management to marketing and even taxes. It is a platform filled with like-minded people you can relate with and ask questions whenever you need to.
  3. LogoCreator: using visual aids to promote your business and gain the attention of potential customers is very important to any small business. However, hiring a professional graphics designer can cost more than you have in your budget. With a free resource like Logocreator, you can create stunning visuals without having to break the bank.
  4. LinkedIn: This is a large platform that allows you to network with several business mentors. It is designed specifically for business purposes and gives you access to people of all levels of the business world. You can read helpful content on the platform, ask for advice, or even connect directly to a mentor.
  5. Quora: if you are looking for a little more entertainment while getting answers to all your entrepreneurial questions, then Quora is for you. The site ranks the answers to questions and gives viewers the option to upvote answers best suited to them. Most of the users sign up with their real names or aliases, not their company names.
  6. How to Start a Startup: this originated from the Stanford Business course, and it is made specifically for people that want to start a business. It is a video library that contains several lectures that would help you through the entrepreneurial startup process. Some of the lecture materials would even innovate you with new ideas you can try.
  7. TedTalk: if you have ever watched a Tedtalk, you will notice that professionals in their field usually do the talks. As an entrepreneur, you can use this show to your advantage by watching business-related videos only. Several successful entrepreneurs and Nobel Prize winners have hosted talks on the show, and you might learn a thing or two.
  8. Bplans: this platform is filled with information on how to start a new business. It has a step by step guide that puts you through the entire process, from drawing up plans to raising capitals and management. If you want to get a professional guide while running your business, this is a good platform to use.
  9. Business Insider: if you are interested in real-time news coverage in the tech, finance and business world, Business Insider is for you. They have a host of publications that might help you run your business better.
  10. MailChimp: this tool is to enable you to send emails to your customers to inform them of new and exciting products you have to offer them. You should check it out.


You should be aware of the best resources you can harness to make your business the best possible. Luckily, every one of these resources would be useful one way or the other.



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