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Currently available On Demand from directors Walt Dohrn, David P. Smith and DreamWorks Animation comes the next journey of fun and adventure with TROLLS WORLD TOUR.

Now, Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) are keeping busy having fun in their little town of trolls. Poppy is still beloved by everyone, especially Branch who is having difficulty telling her so. But all that is going to have to wait because trouble is in the air and their world is about to get much bigger.

Poppy learns from her father that there are different musical troll lands. The reason this has come up is because Barb (Rachel Bloom) is a rocker who wants the strings of each musical troll world to take over them all. Barb promises her father King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne) that it will happen, and she is going to capture Poppy to do it.

At first Poppy thinks that love, huge and glitter will change Barb’s mind. That is until she, Branch and Biggie (James Corden) along with Mr. Dinkles find other lands that have been damaged by Barb. While they are gone, Cooper (Ron Funches) decides to strike out on his own to find other trolls like himself.

With a new map of the other troll lands, Poppy and the gang find the country music trolls led by Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson) and they aren’t rightly happy to see them. It is Hickory (Sam Rockwell) who takes a shine to the group and wants to help them. Riding down the river to their next destination, they are taken and are shocked to discover Cooper.

He has found his twin brother Prince D (Paak Anderson), mother Queen Essence (Mary J. Blige) and father King Quincy (George Clinton). But they must get back to stopping Barb and it’s going to take all trolls on deck to make it happen. They still have to save Techno, Funk Country and Classical if they are going to keep their Pop.

Music is their world and they aren’t about to give it all up because that just isn’t their way!

Kendrick as Poppy is back as her usual cheery self. Singing and dancing is the order of the day and hugging is mandatory even if it isn’t time. She loves being a good Queen and thinks the best way to make that happen is by going to Barb with glitter. Realizing that not everyone thinks like she does and when Biggie brings that to her attention, perhaps its time to re-think things.

Timberlake as Branch is having a difficult time saying the words to Poppy that he has been wanting to say. Every time the chance comes up, the words get stuck. Feeling like he is constantly being put in the friend zone, the time has come to brave up Branch because nobody deserves it more than you! Timberlake’s timing and attitude just make me love Branch all the more.

Bloom as Barb has a serious attitude problem mixed in with a tad of anger. She is definetly the opposite of Poppy which makes their showdown one for the books. Having Ozzy Osbourne for a father is hilarious but its so cool that he gets a chance to be fun. Bloom keeps her sarcasm sharp and her make up even sharper. Getting those strings is what she is all about and strong arming everyone is where she makes her big mistake.

Corden as Biggie is back for a little pinky swearing time but has a moment where he feels that Poppy isn’t doing what’s best for their troll group. Funches as Cooper is clearly looking for something that has been missing in his life and it’s not music, it’s people that look like he does.

Clarkson as Delta Dawn has the big country hair, the big country voice and the big country attitude. Her first meet song is lovely, and I have a feeling my granddaughter will catch on to it in a flash. Rockwell as Hickory is charming, sweet and has a glint in his eye that Branch doesn’t trust.

Having Clinton and Blige in on the act is fun. Having Nayyar’s Guy Diamond bring in a small shiny diamond in Kenan Thompson had me laughing.

Other cast include Caroline Hjelt as Chenille, Aino Jawo as Satin, J. Balvin as Tresillo, Kunal Nayyar as Guy Dimaond, Anthony Ramos as King Trollex, Soo-Young Park as Ari,Ye-rim Kim as Kim-Petit, Joo-Hyun Bae as Baby Bun, Seul-gi Kang as Gomdori, Son Seung-Wan as Wani, Karan Soni as Riff, Charlyne Yi as Pennywhistle, Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond and Walt Dohrn as Cloud Guy.

TROLLS WORLD TOUR is seriously full of music in many genres which is the idea. That there is not just one kind of music one has to like but instead liking them all. The film is so full of life and color that my kids, their kids and friends’ kids have watched the film over and over and over again.

There are some pretty funny tag lines meaning there is something for everyone. The songs are fun, catchy and the rewording is so much fun.

So, if you’re going to be inside with your family, why not be inside with your family having love, life, color and music join you! TROLLS WORLD TOUR has something for everyone but most of all it has laughs galore. It is fantastic that DreamWorks has brought the film straight into our home during a time when we need family fun the most.

In the end – this is going to be fun, pinky promise!



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