Personal Responsibility, Education, and Prosperity are the Vanguards of Freedom
By Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate

For 237 years, We The People have worked hard to build this Democratic Republic. Proud to be Americans, we all came as immigrants to become an integral part of the land of opportunity.

We The People of yesterday came ashore with what they could carry on their voyage to FREEDOM.

Being fiercely independent, our forefathers toiled hard to make their way in life. All came with one idea in mind — being responsible to see that they did what was needed to feed and care for their families. That mission became an American tradition.

America grew up on hard work. Some among us needed a “hand up,” but “charitable giving” became a national trend to care for those in need. In the beginning, churches organized their congregations to address the needs of the needy. The churches gave birth to a key asset of American philanthropy — it was the Christian thing to do.

Fast forward to the present day, we still have charities doing God’s work, but we also have those among us who take advantage of a free lunch and have become dependent upon our government Of The People, By The People, and For the People.

Unfortunately, there are those politicians in our ranks that find these “taker folks” of great value when it comes to election time. In the lakes that dot the American landscape there are fish called “carp” — the “bottom feeders.” In our human family, those “bottom feeders” are a great catch for the “opportunistic politicians” who have only their self interest in mind as they tout their “fair share mantra” —  let me lead you to the promised land of the free lunch!

We are prodded daily with phrases like, “paying our fair share for people who live on entitlements and have no responsibility for having families beyond their means. Practical. responsible Americans who support themselves, take care of their children, feed them and send them to school should not have to pay for someone who could care less about being responsible.

Somehow, for the past four years, our American free market economy has been subjected to what might be considered a hostile takeover by Pied Pipers and their lemming followers.

For nearly four years, the sense of pride enjoyed by generations of Americans has all the appearance of being replaced by the “you owe me crowd,” as they line up at taxpayer-owned buildings with nice names like “Social Welfare Assistance;”  the acronym for “Why work for it if we can get it free folks.”

When, and if needed, We The People will provide assistance to all who are truly in need. Personal responsibility is as “American As Apple Pie” and it must reign supreme in this land of opportunity, so help us God.

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