By Bob Zimmerman
Veterans Advocate

The Romney – Ryan Team “America First Campaign,” is fast becoming the ROCK AND ROLL CAN DO TEAM of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. If Mitt and Paul were a Rock Duet they would have entered the Billboard Chart when Romney announced his choice of Ryan for the VP Post. The “America First Campaign” of the R & R Team is about to enter the Voters top 40 Chart this week, the ride to the top of the Chart will instill an awesome and bright future in the Hearts and Minds of We The People, thus driving the R & R Team into the Top 10 spot by Election Day, Tuesday November 6, 2012.

Will The Team reach the #1 spot? Are the Odds Makers in Las Vegas gearing up for a Land Slide “Romney – Ryan Victory”? If they can feel the pulse of America they will join a country that will likely Herald an Encore Performance that will last for 4 years in a brightly lighted “City on The Hill” for the duration.

On Thanksgiving Day Thursday November 22, 2012 the prospects are bright for American Families and Friends gathering together to thank God for again Blessing our America and our mission to Protect and Defend our Constitution, Bill of Rights, as well as the Free Market Economy, the engine that has driven this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into this great Land of Exceptionalism.

If you have not yet joined the “America First Campaign” be sure to stay on top of the message, so you too will have the opportunity to experience a forthcoming dawning of a new day in The United States of America.



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