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Coming to Bluray from director Matt Vesely and Well Go USA is the mystery behind the MONOLITH.

An Interviewer (Lily Sullivan) is a journalist who is currently dealing with issues that might get her fired. Alone in her parent’s home, she decides to start a podcast about the mysteries of the world. One story she finds out about is that a woman named Floramae (Ling Cooper Tang) tells her a strange story about a brick that changed her life. Upset that her black brick was sold without her permission, it leads to Klaus (Terence Crawford).

Klaus tells her almost the same story except he admits that he collects the black bricks. He also tells her the story of how the brick and the death of his brother feel related. After putting these two interviews together, she posts her podcast and it blows up with more and more people letting her know that they too have had strange things happen.

Then a knock at the door leads her to believe that Klaus is messing with her. Her partner Scott (Matt Crook) is worried about what is now happening to her and coming to terms with what she learns from her father. Trying to find out all she can, it becomes clear that all the warnings from people she has interviewed is about to come to pass and nothing can stop it.  

Sullivan carries this film from start to finish without batting an eye. That is difficult enough to do with a small cast but being totally by one’s self on the screen leading us into the story until its conclusion is awesome. That’s what Sullivan does here, she starts out trying to figure out where she is going to go with a podcast and instantly strikes gold – or a black brick actually. Then, she guides us slowly but surely through till its frightening end and I’m all for it.

Other cast include Ansuya Nathan as Paula, Rashidi Edward as John, Erik Thomson as Dad, Kate Box as Laura, Brigid Zengeni as Shiloh, Belle Kalendra-Harding and Damon Herriman.

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Bonus Features include Writer, Producer and Director Audio Commentary, Behind the Scenes and Trailer.

Actress Lily Sullivan said in an interview that playing The Interviewer as a “challenge of a lifetime” and believed the roll was “terrifying…I ended up approaching it like theatre, almost, I’ve never been more aware of my voice”.

Nominated for Best Film at the FrightFest Awards and Sullivan won Best Actress, nominated fir a film prize at the CinefestOZ, nominated for the New Visions Award at Sitge Film Festival, Benjamin Speed was nominated for Best Original Song at the 2023 Screen Music Awards, Best Direction in a Debut Feature Film for director Vesely at the ADG Awards and nominated for Best Indie Film at the AACTA Awards.

MONOLITH is the kind of story that is just so darn satisfying to watch. It is original, and sweeping without special effects (okay, maybe one), without fanfare or car chases. I so applaud films that can do all of that while keeping my attention focused on everything that is said during the film. Sullivan is the storyteller and kept me looking and listening because I wanted to know everything she wanted to know.

Portraying the Interviewer, we are constantly reminded to just listen and that’s the price we pay for going on this ride. It is all about what we hear, what we see and how much of it we actually comprehend that leads us to the end – with answers? That’s for the viewer to decide.

In the end – all you have to do is listen!



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