What is style? What makes a person a “style icon?” Webster’s dictionary defines “style” as: characteristic manner of expansion, design, in any art form or period, excellence of artistic expression, fashion or something stylist. Stylish is conforming to current style as in dress… fashion. A stylist is a worker who has a distinctive style and works in the business of style, entertainment or custom.

I’ve always admired the fashion styles of Cher, Beyonce, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Nichole Richie, Justin Timberlake, Usher, the Beckham’s (husband and wife) and I love the fashion style of our lovely first lady, Michelle Obama. Or should I say, “I love the fashion style of whoever the ‘stylist’ is for the aforementioned?” I’m pretty sure that everyone that I mentioned previously does have some say on what they wear; as a matter of fact several of them have their own fashion line, perfume or both in several cases.

Or at the very least have licensed their names to a fashion label.

As I’m writing this piece, I’m reminded about all the red carpets of this year, the styles that stood out, the styles that flopped, the fashion malfunctions and the flashes of other things that nobody wants or needs to see… geez!!

Recently Kate Middleton announced that she’s having a baby. While we are all very excited for her I can’t help but wonder how her pregnancy will put a big spotlight on maternity wear. It’s a well-known fact that lots of maternity wear can be somewhat “frumpy” at best. Several well known designers have already gone on record pronouncing that they’d love to dress her. It’s a definite career boost to any designer that is afforded that opportunity.

My personal fashion style has always been more traditional. I love the iconic styles of all the designers that are considered “pioneers” in the industry — Coco Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar del la Renta, etc. Old Hollywood glamour and turn of the century fashion, hairstyles, and jewelry has always been favorites of mine. Coco Chanel’s life was recently done by Lifetime. I’d love to see more of that highlighted. How about it Style Network?

Edith Head for example was yet another amazing icon of style, her costume design was in a word… simply elegant… or was that two words? She’s the only woman to date to win a record eight Oscars for her craft of costume design, fashion and style. The next time you find yourself watching a black and white movie from back in the ’40s to ’60s, check out the fashions and notice how what was old is now still considered “in style,” “stylish” and “fashionable.”

Until next time, as always stay fashionable my Veteran Fashionistas!


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Jackie Tacke

Jacquelyn Tacke is a proud Navy veteran. She has represented designers from “Project Runway,” “Project Runway All Stars,” “All On The Line,” etc. Some of those designers’ lines were sold in Dillard’s, Lane Bryant, the Smithsonian museum, as well as a variety of boutiques across the U.S. She has produced celebrity fashion shows all across the country and abroad. She was also a guest speaker for FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in San Diego and is a member of Fashion Group International.

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