By Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate

Diane Tran, Texas Honor Student Jailed For Missing School, Has Contempt Order Vacated

My Veteran Brothers, Sisters, and Fellow Americans, the above link is an overwhelming example of the wrong Political Correctness has and continues to have on our Great America.

This Land, for over 200 years, was the Common Denominator for the strong use of Common Sense. In the above link a Young American Honor Student, was brought to tears, as she became a victim of Political Correctness gone amuck. Thank God Common Sense came into play.

Leading the way in this American Homeland those 200 years have been Small Business America, and the Freedom We The People share thanks to our Nations Hero, Defenders of Freedom. Their Patriotic Commitment to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights made this great Homeland.

America is without a doubt, the worlds greatest asset, a land of Exceptionalism, one of the many descriptions that describe a product our Founding Fathers brought with them to the New World. This, One Nation Under God, our Proud Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Diane Tran, is an All American Role Model for Young American Women. She is probably one of the best examples of a Proud American doing what makes Americans Exceptional People, she has accepted the “Mantle of Responsibility,” a great American Trait that contributed greatly to the growth of this “Land of Exceptionalism.”

The United States of America is the only nation on earth whereby all of our Citizens, with the exception of “Native Americans” are Immigrants for all Four Corners of this Earth. Today while having lunch there was a table of Young American School Students sitting next to me, these kids were of Asian Descent but if I had been Blind Folded and I heard them speak I or anyone else would have heard what I heard, a bunch of Young School Students being American Kids.

When we see Old Photo’s of Immigrants coming ashore on Ellis Island we can really see the glee among them as they dropped to their knees, kissed the ground, and thanked God for the privilege of coming to the new Land of Freedom.

Back in the day when America was referred to as the Melting Pot, it was primarily a melting pot of Europeans that framed the groundwork of what would become a Land of People from the world over, who today have one thing in common, being Proud to be American Citizens.

We would all do ourselves a huge favor if we were to use Good Common Sense and do away with being Hyphenated Americans, and just be Red Blooded Americans. There are many thousands of people across this world that would love to have the opportunity to come and join the American Melting Pot.

The above is but a short order of what makes America a Land of Exceptionalism.

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