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Coming to DVD from your friends at the Sesame Street Workshop and SHOUT! Factory Kids is a fun filled two hours of the WONDERFUL WORLD OF FRIENDS.

Elmo loves to talk about what it means to be friends with singing and dancing. He invites us to see the different faces and places of friends up and down Sesame Street. Alessia Cara teaches us all a song about how much we are all really alike. Showing it through dance we get to see all kinds of dancing and Nina shows us how to do it all.

From Salsa to Flamenco to the Tango, she tells us it takes two to tango and it is fun, but Elmo prefers the Elmo Slide and Chris joins in. Big Bird likes the Birdie Cha-Cha but Snuffy is not sure he can do it on the Do Your Favorite Dance Day. Instead, Snuffy teaches them all the dance he knows.

Billy Porter makes friends with a penguin and shows what can happen when you just say ‘hi!’. Oscar, Cookie Monster, Rosita and Elmo decide they want to build a very big bird feeder for their bird friend. They learn about an Indian holiday called Rakhi (and making bracelets for friends and family) from Chompki and Rosita shares how Indian bread and Mexican bread are very close to being the same. Chris also teaches Elmo how to make Indian food.

Gwen Stefani sings that sharing is caring and how to be a good friend as Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird along with other Sesame Street get to learn about friendship. Rosita decides to write a book so that people will know what it really means to be Mexican.

Josh Groban joins Elmo, Abby and Rosita to sing once again about friendship and being together. Alan, Chris and the gang are having a food festival so that each of them can learn about other cultures. Food, clothing, dancing and what makes their cultures special. Elmo tries wontons, tamales and so much more but it is Rudy who is not willing to try the food.

Monster Foodies helps kids learn about recipes and how to make some fantastic goodies starting with smoothies. Elmo is thrilled to see John Legend behind the piano singing about what it means to come together.

It is all about coming together through special friendships!

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty and The Beast. Also, their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

Sesame Street: Wonderful World of Friends DVD Bonus Features include A Very Sesame Street Thanksgiving, and The Magical Wand Chase: A Sesame Street Special.

Sesame Street has spent three generations in our household. Beginning with myself and siblings watching and being guided in so many special ways by Kermit and Big Bird with Oscar the Grouch always making us laugh. Every morning we were treated to songs and learning that we never realized helped us in our youth.

When I began to have children, Sesame Street was always playing in the home as the kids were riveted once again and it always made me laugh to see them so happy. When the grandchildren arrived, Sesame Street became more than a television show – it also became a source of learning on the ipad with numbers, colors, and letters fun.

Sesame Street has always celebrated kids and family, did everything to capture children’s imagination and gave them the hunger to learn. It has embraced differences but helped children remember that being a good human being is the center of everything.

This DVD is fun, colorful, exciting, funny, sweet, musical and will have your feet tapping.

In the end – it is all about celebrating friendship!



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