If you’ve recently been arrested for a DUI and you’re searching for an attorney to represent you, should you go with an attorney that strictly handles DUI cases or should you go for one that’s experienced in many different types of cases, such as one that’s a criminal DUI attorney and is also an immigration attorney? You should always go with the criminal DUI attorney who specializes in just that. A criminal DUI attorney who doesn’t handle any other cases is skilled at handling that type of field. He or she has experience with those types of cases and the main thing is that the criminal DUI attorney will be well versed in the laws as they pertain to DUI cases.


When an attorney handles many different types of cases, it’s like the old saying goes: Jack of all trades, master of none. However, when a criminal DUI attorney handles only DUI cases, he or she can base their current cases on all of their previous cases. That means that they will have seen so many different types of DUI cases, most with the same types of evidence, witness testimony and officer mistakes, that each time they have a case, they will get better at it. Therefore, always go with the criminal DUI attorney that specializes in those cases, especially if you want to dodge a conviction for your crime.

Experience is Key

The main thing that separates a good criminal DUI attorney with a mediocre one is experience. When an attorney has many cases under his or her belt, all that experience will help with each new case. You may think that you don’t have a chance, but the attorney with a lot of experience will be able to pull a trick out of his or her hat that may amaze you. Police officers make mistakes all the time which can help you avoid a conviction, certain witness testimony can help you get away or get a lesser charge and certain details of the case, while they may seem unimportant, can blow a prosecution case wide open. Again, it’s all about experience so try to get the most experienced criminal DUI attorney you can find if you hope to escape this charge with a slap on the wrist.

Just make sure you let someone else drive next time instead of getting behind the wheel when you know full well you aren’t well enough to drive.



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